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The Year of Ransomware

Ransomware is a threat you’ve probably heard a lot about in 2016. That’s not without good reason – it’s one of the main cybersecurity threats facing businesses today. Though preventative steps do exist, this is still an extremely effective attack method you can’t afford to ignore. One successful attack is all it takes to set your business back drastically. The Method Victims of ransomware receive demands for bitcoins, the volatile virtual currency whose value to real world dollars can rapidly change at any moment, making it even more difficult for a business to secure their data’s release. The standard attack goes like this: Online gangs of cyber criminals remotely encrypt and lock computers, leaving victims with a ransom screen they can’t

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BAI Security Audit

Key Takeaways from Interop

Security was on everyone’s mind at this year’s Interop Las Vegas conference, with workshops ranging from insider threats to social engineering, supply chains and managing targeted attacks. One key point that emerged from all of the discussion was that businesses and governments need to understand the motivations of cyber attackers. Dmitri Alperovitch led the INTEROP workshop which was focused solely on the benefits of knowing your enemy. The days when security was a matter of “merely” battling cyber criminals and young hackers out for a joyride are over. Today, we also have cyberespionage, hacktivists and state-sponsored hacking to contend with as well. Seems that everyone is exploiting digital to gain even the tiniest edge in business or politics. Given these

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