Ransomware & Endpoint Compromise Simulation



Ransomware attacks strike organizations every two seconds. Find out your level of preparation with this critical endpoint compromise simulation.


The only way to learn your organization's readiness for a real-world attack is to mimic attempts commonly made by malicious individuals — BEFORE they do. BAI Security will work with your organization to simulate the deployment of ransomware and command-and-control software on an endpoint. This serves to validate that your security controls are properly configured to prevent potential abuse of these types of tools by attackers. This technical simulation is an option within our IT Security Assessment, which also offers a Ransomware Best Practice Evaluation, as well as an Antivirus/Malware Best Practice Evaluation to address the policy and procedures side of your defenses. Both are highly cost-effective — exponentially so when compared to a ransomware incident!


Our expert IT Assessment team will utilize actual ransomware code developed at BAI Security for the sole purpose of a simulation exercise, to prove the efficacy of your internal controls — but without risk. This simulation will:

    • Provide real-world testing in a fully controlled and RISK-FREE exercise
    • Validate endpoint protection systems
    • Determine the effectiveness of zero-day threat protection
    • Assess the detection & alerts capabilities of your monitoring systems
    • Evaluate the capabilities of your Incident Management Team


With our simulation results, our expert team will reveal potential vulnerable endpoints with regard to ransomware and/or command-and-control software. To help you take steps to improve your preparedness for today's increasingly frequent and aggressive attacks, we will provide specific and actionable recommendations for mitigation of identified vulnerabilities.