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Healthcare Spotlight: Big Challenges, Bigger Solutions

Since the onset of COVID-19, it’s been challenge after challenge for hospitals nationwide. While tending to the unique and weighty demands of the pandemic, healthcare is simultaneously under siege from malicious actors seeking to take advantage of overworked staff

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Auctioning Off Admin Access

In past articles, we’ve investigated in-depth the threat of the cybercriminal economy: stolen data sold and traded on the so-called “dark web,” along with increasingly malicious forms of software

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States Enact Even Tougher Breach Notification Laws than Federal HIPAA Requirements

Starting September 1, 2018, Colorado’s new Protections For Consumers Data Privacy law will require organizations to notify victims of breaches containing personal information within 30 days of determining that a breach occurred — 30 days before current federal HIPAA requirements. Like other state laws, Colorado’s newest approved bill signals to healthcare organizations that you can no longer wait for federal mandates to suggest how you protect your patients’ information. You must prepare for potential changes now or risk suffering the consequences. Here’s what we know about the new law and how it could affect your organization. Who is Affected? First off, it’s important to note that Colorado’s law will impact not only businesses located within its borders but also entities

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Whitepaper Download: Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

All it takes is one slipup to forever change the public’s outlook on your organization. This is especially true for healthcare providers. Your patients need to trust that your staff can provide them with the care they need and that your IT system won’t put their protected health information (PHI) at risk. There’s nothing like suffering a data breach to potentially lose that trust forever. HIPAA urges you to check for compliance once a year, but that simply isn’t good enough. Cyber-attacks are increasing every year. Data breaches are more prominent than ever. Cybercriminals are only growing bolder — we just recently detailed how one breach took down a major American city — for example. Ask yourself this: Are you

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BAI Security at HIMSS18

Healthcare providers face a unique challenge when it comes to data protection. Cybercriminals take one look at their assets  — valuable personally identifiable information (PII) like social security numbers and medical information — and throw all they’ve got at their IT security systems. If you’re not doing everything you can to maintain and strengthen your IT security, then your organization is at risk. Let’s talk. Meet us at this year’s HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, to hear how BAI Security’s award-winning suite of compliance, audit and IT security solutions can help you keep even the most advanced cybercriminals at bay. HIMSS18 is set to bring together over 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world, and

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The Proactive Way to Manage Customer Data

With 2017 behind us and the new year beginning, there’s no time like now to reevaluate how your organization handles sensitive customer information. With data breaches increasing year after year, everyone should turn their gaze inward to ensure they are taking a proactive cybersecurity stance. Why is this so important? Here’s an example of everything that can go wrong if you don’t protect your customer’s data. Breach Fallout This year, the California Attorney General announced a $2 million settlement with Cottage Health — a healthcare network — after the organization suffered two separate breaches in 2013 and 2015, exposing the information of about 55,000 patients. Upon investigation, Cottage Health discovered that a third-party managed services provider named Insync reportedly removed

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