Many regulations and assessments only cover bare minimum security standards, so they’re outdated when compared to the ever-evolving methods of hackers. That means even an organization deemed 100% compliant can be seriously vulnerable in the real world against a determined and skilled human threat agent.

BAI’s rigorous Red Team Assessment puts your organization’s cyber defenses to a realistic test, so you know where your security REALLY stands.


Our Red Team Assessment is a real-world cyber attack against your organization. Our security experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization's targeted assets — technical, human, and physical.

By mimicking the methods of present-day cyber criminals, we put your defenses to the test – but without any risk of actual breach or negative headlines. Our 93% breach rate demonstrates our efficacy.

For ongoing Red Team testing, consider our Red Team Residency.


Using multiple attack vectors, we mirror the reconnaissance, planning, and wide range of skilled assault methods used by today’s motivated hackers and state sponsored actors.

The types of penetration tests carried out by our Red Team are highly dependent upon your organization’s distinct security profile.

Our 20+ attack vectors include but are not limited to:

    • Penetration Testing
    • Social Engineering
    • Physical Access Check
    • Black Box Placement
    • Secure Document Disposal
    • Wireless Testing


To help you gain experience combating real-world cyber attacks, our Red Team Assessment focuses on the risks your company is actually facing. Also, if you have a known threat actor posing a risk to your organization, we will build attack strategies that imitate this threat to reveal your true strengths and vulnerabilities.

With our comprehensive RTA, you learn the answer to the question: 

“What is the real-world effectiveness of my existing security controls against an active, skilled human attacker?”



The types of penetration tests carried out by our Red Team are highly dependent upon your organization’s distinct security profile. We tailor our Red Team objectives to your environment’s unique needs, utilizing attack objectives that expose your systems and personnel to worst-case security scenarios – both in the cloud and on-premises.

Assess Real-World Threat Vectors

Circumvent Security Systems and Controls

Compromise Perimeter/Internal Systems

Establish Persistent Internal Connections

Gain Network User Account Access

Gain Elevated Privilege (Admin) Access

Identify Key Systems and Databases

Establish Backdoor Access To Key Systems

Capture Sensitive Data for Validation



Once our team has carefully scrutinized your controls, we decide on the various types of cyberattacks that are necessary to discover any unknown weaknesses or vulnerabilities within your particular organization. The following are examples of the initial tactics BAI Security’s Red Team engages in:

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Both internal and external

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

By phone, email, and in-person

Physical Access Check

Physical Access Check

Perimeter sweep, building access, secure interior room access

Black Box Placement

Black Box Placement

Planting of rogue remote-access devices in the production network

Secure Document Disposal

Secure Document Disposal

Secure/common waste disposal, dumpster inspection

Wireless Testing

Wireless Testing

Forged authentication, encryption testing, device spoofing.

More About Red Teams

  • Listed/OTC-listed companies and capital intensive industries that are often targeted
  • Organizations with extensive digital assets, requiring the most comprehensive testing
  • Organizations with information security as the center of their corporate image
  • Organizations with sensitive data that needs protection
  • Organizations that are interested in challenging their own defense capabilities against present-day threats

BAI Security is deeply experienced with critical infrastructure sectors – including banking, credit unions, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, education, utilities, legal, and insurance providers. Our team is highly skilled in all types of Red Team penetration tests. Using this expertise, we link weaknesses together from across an entire attack surface to mimic the methods of a dedicated attacker targeting your specific organization. This blend of in-house expertise with tactical customization for your environment provides the most accurate security picture possible.