At BAI, we take care to invest in and exclusively use cutting-edge technologies that are independently validated and globally recognized year after year. This ensures you receive the highest quality, most in-depth and accurate assessment possible… and results you can trust.

SC Best Vulnerability Management Solution

Gartner Peer Insights Customer's Choice

CDM Cutting-Edge Vulnerability Mgmt. Solution

IDC No. 1 Worldwide Vulnerability Assessment

F&S Global Vulnerability Mgmt. Leadership Award

BAI provides customized and practical recommendations, as well as user-friendly deliverables, to quickly and easily elevate your security posture.

User-Friendly Reports

We provide both Technical and Executive Summaries, so everyone gets the right amount of information in language that works for them.


“Recommended actions to address exception items were clear and concise and something we could take care of almost immediately. ” – IT Manager, WI

Depth Where It Matters

Our detailed content clearly conveys risks and priorities for IT management and technical staff.


“BAI opened many eyes to the IT security problems that had been under the radar for many years. Now we know them and can address them.” – VP of IT, WI

Regulator-Approved Design

BAI’s highly regarded deliverables are the result of years of input by regulators and clients nationwide.


“The techs were great to work with and helped me resolve security issues. They were working with me to correct issues rather than just pointing out what was wrong.” VP/CIO, MI

Customized Remediation Tips

Our best practice recommendations are tailor-made to help quickly mitigate risk in your unique environment.


“I love how the final deliverables recommendations are provided. I’ve seen other solutions (and past vendors) who simply tell you what’s wrong without any help to remediate.” – IT Security Officer, VT

No Freeware


  • The open source and freeware assessment tools commonly used by other providers can cause significant false positives. Such inaccuracies can cost organizations precious resources while leaving them vulnerable to a breach.
  • Our  IT Security Assessment scans for over 85,000 vulnerabilities. The combination of best-in-class tools in the hands of highly trained and experienced auditors who are specifically knowledgeable about complex environments ensures your assessment is comprehensive, and your results are accurate.
  • Our team’s expertise in highly regulated industries also allows them to develop focused reports with targeted recommendations that you can quickly take action on, not just an overwhelming laundry list of issues that leaves you vulnerable.

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