Vendor Management Risk Assessment



A comprehensive risk management approach governs both your internal team and your external partners. Validate the security policies and practices of your Technology Service Providers (TSPs) with our Vendor Management Risk Assessment.

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This assessment helps ensure your Technology Service Providers (TSPs) are adhering to the same risk management, security, privacy, and other policies that would be expected if your own organization were conducting the activities in-house.

Our methodology is based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Systems and Organizations (NIST SP 800-161 Rev.1).

We will review processes and controls in place to help ensure your TSPs are operating in a safe and sound manner and that they are meeting appropriate industry standards and applicable regulations.

The conclusion of the assessment will provide insight into potential problem areas with your TSPs, as well as specific recommendations for remediation.


With 80% of surveyed organizations reporting a vendor-related breach last year, BAI Security's Vendor Management Risk Assessment includes the following key areas in scope:

    • Management Responsibilities
    • Risk Management
    • Contract Issues
    • Ongoing Monitoring
    • SOC Report Evaluations & Gap Assessment


As a result of our exhaustive approach, our security audits uncover our clients’ true present-day risk, much to their satisfaction:

  • of the time, regardless of prior audit, BAI reveals serious, previously undetected issues in new client environments.

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Depth and Comprehensiveness of their BAI Security audit as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Quality & Value of BAI's Deliverables as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate our security auditors' Communication & Professionalism as “Excellent.”


Vendor Management Risk ASSESSMENTS

Information security is defined within the context of the CIA triad:

  • Confidentiality (ensuring authorized access)
  • Integrity (safeguarding information from unauthorized modification and/or destruction) and;
  • Availability (ensuring on-demand access to authorized users)

This assessment is purely qualitative. Thus, it is conducted by way of questionnaire and/or interview processes to examine five major areas:

  • Management Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Issues
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • SOC Report Evaluations and Gap Assessment

This assessment can be conducted with great depth and accuracy fully remotely. If an organization wishes to have physical validation of policies and procedures reviewed remotely, an on-site visit is optional.