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Cybercriminals are plotting attacks on any front they can reach. That’s why our IT Security Assessment intentionally goes well beyond just a technical focus or regulatory focus to provide you a comprehensive picture of your security status, along with custom recommendations to quickly reduce risk.

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We take a 360-degree view of your organization’s processes and technology to give you a complete - and therefore accurate - picture of your risk status. Our expert team evaluates the maturity of current information security capabilities, identifies vulnerable areas, and provides customized, prioritized recommendations for remediation. We adhere to proven methodologies and industry Best Practices defined by ISACA, as well as the compliance standards of GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI, NERC, and others. We exclusively use best-in-class tools, as rated by Gartner and Forester Research, for highly accurate results you can trust. In fact, we scan for 49% more vulnerabilities than the #1 selling product on the market —and at a fraction of the cost. You may also wish to consider our IT Risk Assessment or IT General Controls Audit as complements to this service.


BAI Security offers several Enhancement Options for this evaluation:


As a result of our exhaustive approach, our security audits uncover our clients’ true present-day risk, much to their satisfaction:

  • of the time, regardless of prior audit, BAI reveals serious, previously undetected issues in new client environments.

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Depth and Comprehensiveness of their BAI Security audit as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Quality & Value of BAI's Deliverables as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate our security auditors' Communication & Professionalism as “Excellent.”


Learn about our commitment to exclusive use of best-in-class tools for your audit.


(and how we overcome them)

The most common method of vulnerability testing involves an anonymous (i.e., unauthenticated) remote network scan against the underlying operating system (OS) and accessible services/applications.

While this approach has been and continues to be the de-facto standard in the security assessment industry, it does limit the detection of vulnerabilities to only those that can be discovered without any authenticated access to the OS.

The risk for your organization with this is that many current-day threats (e.g., spyware/malware, viruses, website redirection, malicious code, etc.) are initiated during a logged-in user session on a workstation or server. Thus, the most detailed and accurate vulnerability tests can only be conducted against the OS and applications during an active logged-on user session.


How we get you FAR more accurate results…


To provide the most comprehensive testing possible, BAI Security employs a cutting-edge form of testing not routinely practiced by other IT security firms. Our advanced testing methodology utilizes an active, logged-on session to the OS, which allows the vulnerability testing process to identify the risks within the OS and installed applications more comprehensively. 

A multitude of applications that would have never responded to the traditional network scanning process can now be thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities by scanning the file system, registry, and application configuration files within the system.

The results of this methodology represents a major step forward in testing technology; therefore, our more comprehensive findings illuminate an increase in detected vulnerabilities when compared to prior audits by other firms – as much as 85% of the time with our new clients.

So let’s find out your TRUE security posture, and get you our prioritized recommendations for fast remediation.



IT Security Assessments are not only vital, but also government-mandated for organizations that store information technologically. Risk management is especially critical for organizations that hold sensitive information and data, such as medical, law enforcement, financial and commercial-oriented organizations whose data loss could compromise their confidentiality, integrity and assets.

BAI Security can work with your organization and determine vulnerabilities and threats to your systems. IT Security Assessments can provide your organization with a rating of your security and suggest how to improve IT security.
Whether you’re bringing on a newly acquired organization, implementing a new application platform or virtual environment, adding computers or leaving systems “as-is,” new vulnerabilities should be anticipated. BAI Security can help catch these vulnerabilities before any harm can be done with our thorough security assessment. By regularly performing a comprehensive IT security audit and information security assessment, you can gain the insight you need to put the right strategies, technologies, policies, and procedures in place to ensure optimal protection. Here are a few more you might want to perform an IT Security Assessment—and a few other reasons why you need to:
  • They can reduce long-term costs – Obviously, identifying potential threats and working to mitigate them has the potential to prevent security incidents, which saves your organization money in the long run.
  • Information security best practices provide a template for future assessments –  IT Security Risk Assessments aren’t a one-off; you need to continuously update them. By doing a good job on the first one, you create a repeatable process that can be picked up by someone else in the event of staff turnover.
  • An Information Technology Assessment can provide your organization with greater self awareness – Knowing where your organization’s weaknesses lie helps give you a better idea of what areas your organization needs to grow and invest in.
  • It helps you avoid breaches and other security incidents – This goes back to our first point. A well-done IT Security Risk Assessment can improve your network security implementations and mitigate attacks and personal data breaches.
  • It can improve communication – Typically an IT Security Risk Assessment requires input from a number of different departments and stakeholders. This can help increase organizational visibility and enhance communication.

Conducting social engineering exercises will test your staff against manipulation techniques used by cybercriminals to gather sensitive information or access your network.


To make sure this won’t happen, BAI Security offers a multitude of non-threatening phone, in-person, and email phishing scenarios to fully evaluate this area of risk. We also offer enhanced tactics to take your security posture to the next level. These include endpoint compromise, USB drops, black box placements and more.


We’ll share how we were able to breach your network using these tactics so you can put roadblocks in place to prevent these intrusions in the future.