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Examining Top Two Cybersecurity Threats

In the digital age, the ability to review and respond to cyber threats is more important than ever. And as healthcare systems become increasingly reliant on technology, cyber attacks become more prevalent risks, particularly with the uptick in new methods designed to infiltrate your networks. To minimize the risk of successful attacks, IT security teams must be constantly aware of major threat trends, even the ones that don’t appear to target their industries. This week, we examine two standouts from the most recent Threat Landscape Report that are most likely to specifically impact healthcare. Living Off the Land This refers to a type of attack in which cybercriminals make use of software that already exists on the system at risk.

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A False Sense of Security: How Antivirus Can Fail

It’s pretty easy to think of computer viruses and malware as someone else’s problem. You hear about big attacks in the news, about the thousands of people who have had their information stolen and the businesses who have suffered mind-numbing losses in revenue. This isn’t something you have to worry about though, right? You know what a phishing link looks like, you avoid suspicious websites and you don’t open strange emails. Unfortunately, taking all the precautions in the world on your own isn’t enough, especially if you lack proper antivirus and malware protection. The odds of avoiding any form of malicious code is just too high – and those odds are only continuing to increase. The Difference Between Viruses and Malware

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The Year of Ransomware

Ransomware is a threat you’ve probably heard a lot about in 2016. That’s not without good reason – it’s one of the main cybersecurity threats facing businesses today. Though preventative steps do exist, this is still an extremely effective attack method you can’t afford to ignore. One successful attack is all it takes to set your business back drastically. The Method Victims of ransomware receive demands for bitcoins, the volatile virtual currency whose value to real world dollars can rapidly change at any moment, making it even more difficult for a business to secure their data’s release. The standard attack goes like this: Online gangs of cyber criminals remotely encrypt and lock computers, leaving victims with a ransom screen they can’t

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