FedLine Solutions Audit

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Assess Your Fedline SOLUTIONS

For FedLine customers, validate your internal security policies and procedures for electronic funds transfers, such as wire transfers and ACH.


This assessment addresses FedLine Advantage customer requirements by the Federal Reserve to demonstrate adherence to internal organizational security policies and procedures, industry best practices, and supervisory guidance.In accordance with Operating Circular 5, Electronic Access (OC 5), our expert team reviews the policies, procedures, and processes implemented by your organization to prevent fraud, unauthorized access, or other unauthorized use of an electronic connection (wire transfers, ACH) using criteria that meets the standards of the FedLine Security and Controls Procedures. Our deliverables will provide you line-by-line controls analysis, as well as customized, prioritized recommendations for remediation.


Our FedLine Security & Controls Procedures Audit includes expert review of 56 controls, as well as a gap assessment against regulatory standards.

All FedLine Solutions are included in this assessment:

  • FedLine Advantage
  • FedLine Command
  • FedLine Direct
  • FedLine Web
  • FedMail

Control areas assessed include:

  • PC & Operation Controls
  • Device Controls
  • Network Controls
  • Operational Controls
  • Documentation & Data
  • Assurance
  • Operating Circular 5 (Electronic Access) - Certification Practice Statement of the Federal Reserve Banks' Certification Authority and Services Public Key Infrastructure, as well as Password Practice Statement


As a result of our exhaustive approach, our security audits uncover our clients’ true present-day risk, much to their satisfaction:

  • of the time, regardless of prior audit, BAI reveals serious, previously undetected issues in new client environments.

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Depth and Comprehensiveness of their BAI Security audit as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate the Quality & Value of BAI's Deliverables as “Good/Excellent.”

  • of recently surveyed clients rate our security auditors' Communication & Professionalism as “Excellent.”


Fedline security & ControlS Procedures AUDITS

FedLine Advantage is web-based, layered security solution facilitating electronic payment services, such as wire transfers and ACH, as well as electronic access to information services and applications. FedLine Advantage has both hardware and software components and is delivered by The Federal Reserve via subscription.


The Federal Reserve Banks require that the security and control procedures be implemented by each FedLine Advantage customer pursuant to the terms and conditions of Operating Circular 5, Electronic Access (OC 5), and these procedures are part of the security procedure agreement under specific Operating Circulars. The FedLine Advantage Solution has been designed using a layered security model. To supplement the security of the FedLine infrastructure, the Federal Reserve Banks expect organizations to follow internal organizational security policies and procedures, industry best practices and supervisory guidance. BAI Security’s FedLine Security & Controls Audit validates adherence to these requirements.

Examples of information BAI Security reviews as part of this assessment include:

  • Wire transfer terminal configuration documentation
  • Training documentation of employees over wire transfer practices and organization training policy
  • Policies and procedures in place over administrative, technical, and physical safeguards covering the organization’s wire transfer infrastructure
  • Business and IT operations documentation
  • Sanction and disciplinary policies and procedures over privacy violations
  • Business continuity documentation
  • Data handling procedure documentation
  • Assurance documentation relating to the review and audit of wire transfer controls