When it comes to the quality of our work and the strength of our partnerships, we invite you to NOT take our word for it. Here’s what your industry peers are saying about BAI Security:

BAI Security is a total team concept. The sales team is easy to work with through understanding our needs and providing solutions on our Proposals. The auditor is proactive and always ready to coordinate and schedule the work to be performed – in a happy and joyful manner. Technicians are knowledgeable, professional and deliver results on time and on target!


There are a lot of service providers out there, but your staff were personable, friendly, knowledgeable and made it very clear they were there to help us get better, not to find as many exceptions as possible.

IT Manager

They go out of their way to be helpful, offering guidance (not a cookie-cutter approach). We chose BAI because of their reputation. We went back because of their people and professionalism, the depth of their technical knowledge, and friendliness.

IT Director

Very impressed with the proposal and package. In comparison to other vendors, BAI Security was very responsive. They knew our needs and expectations. The pre-audit request list was by far the best we’ve seen. Very professional yet relatable and a pleasure to work with. Audit reports are very detailed and well organized. We made the right decision engaging with BAI Security.


The comprehensive thoroughness of the BAI assessment contributed greatly to a successful audit. The quality of documentation was stellar, and your continued and rapid support were exemplary.


Outstanding platform for vulnerability remediation. Everyone I talked to from sales folks to technical experts were all great to work with and very knowledgeable.

VP of IT

The experience was great, and I felt that BAI had my back. The techs were great to work with and helped me resolve security issues. They were working with me to correct issues rather than just pointing out what was wrong.


There are many players in this field. I contacted some of my industry peers and asked who they used. BAI came in at the top.

IT Supervisor

Very in depth IT General Controls and Internal Vulnerability assessment… Much more in depth and comprehensive than other vendors. I like the use of the BAI customer portal to communicate and place reports.


I love how in the final deliverables recommendations are provided. I’ve seen other solutions (and past vendors) who simply tell you what’s wrong without any help to remediate.

IT Security Officer

BAI opened many eyes the IT security problems that had been under the radar for many years. Now we know them and can address them.

VP of IT

The dedicated engineer that learns our environment is huge! Also, the reporting is as high level or granular as you need it to be.

IT Director

We appreciated the team’s attention to detail, understanding our credit union and tailoring the services to address our needs. The fast and professional responses were excellent. The team completed the work much faster than our old provider. Reports were easy to understand while addressing all of the key areas.


We have worked with BAI Security for 5+ years. They are professional, knowledgeable and personable. The technicians have a great understanding of our complex infrastructure

IT Director

With this engagement we were able to get a better perspective on all the steps we have taken to improve our environment. The audit was geared both to our industry and our size, and the auditors took into account our mitigating controls to give us a good understanding of our residual risks. The team is providing us guidance or our core backup solutions.


Price was right, service was excellent, and the final deliverables were outstanding. Great team.

Chief Innovation Officer

The professional experience and technical expertise made the choice an easy one… exceptional results. We are completely satisfied.

IT Director

Recommended actions to address exception items were clear and concise and something we could take care of almost immediately.

IT Manager

BAI provides services at a range of levels, which helps firms elect those that deliver the most value for their particular needs.

Compliance Director

Far more extensive test than any we have had in the past… The reps are 100% on your project and always available to give you feedback.


With past audits, I am used to the same audit being performed every year since we sign a three year contract. However, with BAI, I was able to change the scope of the audit each year if necessary.


The price for the Security Assessment was unbeatable and I’ve always been happy with the service. I look forward to working with them again!




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