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Ramping Up Ransomware Response

In 2020, ransomware struck hospitals, schools, and state governments across America. In 2021, the Institute for Security and Technology’s Ransomware Task Force is striking back.

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Healthcare Spotlight: Big Challenges, Bigger Solutions

Since the onset of COVID-19, it’s been challenge after challenge for hospitals nationwide. While tending to the unique and weighty demands of the pandemic, healthcare is simultaneously under siege from malicious actors seeking to take advantage of overworked staff

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Whitepaper Download: Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

All it takes is one slipup to forever change the public’s outlook on your organization. This is especially true for healthcare providers. Your patients need to trust that your staff can provide them with the care they need and that your IT system won’t put their protected health information (PHI) at risk. There’s nothing like suffering a data breach to potentially lose that trust forever. HIPAA urges you to check for compliance once a year, but that simply isn’t good enough. Cyber-attacks are increasing every year. Data breaches are more prominent than ever. Cybercriminals are only growing bolder — we just recently detailed how one breach took down a major American city — for example. Ask yourself this: Are you

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A Recent Anti-Malware Victory

Cybercriminals make a lot of news by pulling off headline-grabbing data breaches. Often, this can make these attackers seem invincible, like there are no systems or good guys capable of standing up to them. This is, of course, anything but true. Cyber-attacks can be defeated and the criminals behind them can be apprehended. Today, we’re going to take a look at a recent win for the good guys. What Happened Recently, one of the key distributors of ransomware, tech support schemes and exploit kits known as “ElTest” was severely hampered by enterprising researchers. As a quick refresher, malware and ransomware are often installed on computers when users unknowingly visit infected sites. While oftentimes social engineering tactics are used to guide

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Mobile Devices and Healthcare: How to Protect Your Organization

In today’s world, almost every piece of technology comes equipped with the ability to access the internet. Phones, watches — even refrigerators — are built to connect. While the intent here is to make life a little easier, an unfortunate side effect is that these connections open up new pathways for cyber criminals. For organizations that acquire a large amount of sensitive data — health care organizations, for example — these openings become potentially business crippling pathways through which hackers can steal information. Today, we’re going to discuss what endpoints you need to be paying close attention to and how you can ensure your organization is protected against these threats. The Threat In their October newsletter, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office

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Cyber Attack

The Ever-Expanding Threat of Cyber Criminals

The Dark Overlord, a dangerous group of cyber criminals, have made a name for themselves over the past several years. We’ve covered some of their illegal activities in the past targeting healthcare and financial institutions, and unfortunately, they’ve continued to make news. Their latest attacks open a new front into cybersecurity, signaling a shift all organizations should have on their radar. Here’s what you need to know. Real-Life Ransom As you likely know, when it comes to ransomware and cyberattacks, everyone from the FBI to security professionals like us advise that you never pay the demanded ransom. This only emboldens cyber criminals and there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually receive your stolen data. Instead, the best protection is to have

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