The world of cybersecurity has never lacked its share of individuals and programs out there looking to take advantage of others, but there’s definitely never been this many cyber criminals trying to capitalize on new methods of attack and lacking defenses.

Let’s take a look at some cybersecurity statistics from 2016 as reported on by Forbes:

  • AT&T found that there was a 485% increase in the number of times attackers search IoT devices for vulnerabilities
  • Cisco discovered a 221% increase of compromised WordPress websites
  • Dell noticed malware attacks almost doubled from 2015, finishing the year with 8.19 billion attacks
  • IBM concluded the healthcare industry was more frequently attacked than any other –with financial services and manufacturing trailing behind

None of this paints a very pretty picture. Organizations in the healthcare and financial fields are at high enough risk as it is for cybersecurity attacks, and with the news that these threats are only increasing, things are looking more dire.

To make matters worse, many organizations seek to fulfill compliance only. That means they prepare for an annual audit to check for vulnerabilities… and that’s it. With threats that, in some cases, double in amount year after year as in the case of malware, you need to take a more aggressive and strategic stance toward your security profile.

Vulnerability Management

BAI Security’s Vulnerability Management service recognizes this constant threat your organization faces and wants to do something about it. A scan once a year isn’t enough – threats to your business are always morphing and shifting to get past your best defenses.

This service comes with no setup or employee training needed; instead we just schedule our scans to fit your needs. Then, if you ever feel like you need a scan at any time, just contact us and we’ll run it for you.

After completion of the scan, you’ll receive detailed reports that point out exactly where your vulnerabilities are, and provide steps for immediate remediation.

Don’t count on an annual scan to keep your organization safe – take the proactive step and learn more about Vulnerability Management today.

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