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High Stress And Human Nature: The IT Security Angle

Are you introverted or extroverted? A thinker or a feeler? Chances are you’ve taken a Myers-Briggs test some time in your career, but regardless of personality type, studies show that the stress of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has everyone under pressure.

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Keeping Up With Multiplying Cybersecurity Threats: Vulnerability Management

The world of cybersecurity has never lacked its share of individuals and programs out there looking to take advantage of others, but there’s definitely never been this many cyber criminals trying to capitalize on new methods of attack and lacking defenses. Let’s take a look at some cybersecurity statistics from 2016 as reported on by Forbes: AT&T found that there was a 485% increase in the number of times attackers search IoT devices for vulnerabilities Cisco discovered a 221% increase of compromised WordPress websites Dell noticed malware attacks almost doubled from 2015, finishing the year with 8.19 billion attacks IBM concluded the healthcare industry was more frequently attacked than any other –with financial services and manufacturing trailing behind None of

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The Biggest Threats of 2016 and Predictions for 2017

This year had its share of headline grabbing cybersecurity news. From Yahoo’s many breaches, to new threats in phishing and social engineering, 2016 wasn’t short on new threats. With the year wrapping up, we wanted to take a minute to recap what we saw as the biggest threats of 2016, what to prepare for in 2017 and what you can do right now to protect yourself. The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat of 2016 By far, the most significant cybersecurity threat of 2016 was ransomware. The Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2016 states that the rate of ransomware attacks against businesses increased this year from one every two minutes in January to one every 40 seconds in September. Kaspersky Lab detected 2,900 ransomware variations

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