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A Generational Look at Cybersecurity

As the world of cybersecurity expands, so too does its workforce, and an increasingly large number of professionals in the field belong to a generation that grew up with technology. But what does that mean for industry-wide practices?

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A New Decade for Cybersecurity

For all of the astounding technological developments over the last decade, there’s still one thing the computer can’t accomplish: predicting the future. But as we usher in the new year, we also usher in a new wave of possibilities for the cybersecurity industry, and experts still have speculations abound. Technology advancing in leaps and bounds in the 2010s means that standards for cybersecurity will face a drastic shift. Gone are the days of “traditional” security practices; cybercriminals are becoming increasingly creative in their approaches, and the industry must match their creativity with innovative new strategies, skills, and alliances. New Year, New Threats Tech analyst Forrester predicts that one anticipated obstacle to cybersecurity, the deepfake (or audiovisual alteration using artificial neural

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