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Community Stands Up to Cyber Attacks

On Tuesday, Rhodes State College held the first of its three-part Cybersecurity Seminar Series, hosted by the Texas A&M National Emergency Response and Rescue Center, to raise awareness of how to prevent cybersecurity disasters.

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BAI Security Audit

Insider Theft Leads to the Data Breach of 1.5 Million Bank Clients

Atlanta bank SunTrust recently announced that 1.5 million users have potentially been exposed to a criminal third party. Unlike most data exposures we’ve been hearing about, the source of SunTrust’s breach was not caused by cybercriminals, but rather a theft by an employee who gained access to sensitive client information without security clearance. Sources say the data theft could include information such as names, addresses, phone numbers and bank account balances of SunTrust customers. Simultaneously, SunTrust announced it will partner with Experian to offer identity protection for all consumer clients at no cost on an ongoing basis. Here’s what happened and how your organization can prevent falling victim to a similar scheme. An Untrustworthy Employee An ongoing investigation by SunTrust

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