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Promising Proposals: Key RFP Content

The blank slate of your next RFP can be daunting. Whether formal submissions or just reviewing proposals as they come, here’s what to ask about as you vet vendors for your next IT security assessment.

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Another Entry Point: Chatbots and Vendors

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but artificial intelligence (AI) is the future. In fact, it’s already making a huge impact on our lives in ways you may not have considered.

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The Hidden Flaws

Cyber attackers are known for their persistence. If they hit a pothole trying to break into your IT network, they won’t just give up and move on to their next target. Instead, they’ll redouble their efforts and probe your infrastructure, looking for new ways to grab your valuable data. Unfortunately, sometimes these vulnerabilities can be a bit beyond your reach. Rather than weak points in your security infrastructure, they’re baked into the very devices your business depends on. As some researchers recently discovered, a new vulnerability found in Intel chips could pose a potentially catastrophic risk for your business. Here’s what you need to know about this flaw and how you can protect yourself. The Backdoor The first thing you

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The Proactive Way to Manage Customer Data

With 2017 behind us and the new year beginning, there’s no time like now to reevaluate how your organization handles sensitive customer information. With data breaches increasing year after year, everyone should turn their gaze inward to ensure they are taking a proactive cybersecurity stance. Why is this so important? Here’s an example of everything that can go wrong if you don’t protect your customer’s data. Breach Fallout This year, the California Attorney General announced a $2 million settlement with Cottage Health — a healthcare network — after the organization suffered two separate breaches in 2013 and 2015, exposing the information of about 55,000 patients. Upon investigation, Cottage Health discovered that a third-party managed services provider named Insync reportedly removed

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Update: The Yahoo Breach Keeps Getting Worse

Recently, we discussed the massive impact the Yahoo data breach was having on companies in all fields. At the time of our writing, there were rumors of Verizon beginning to get cold feed out of a proposed merger with Yahoo, potentially costing Yahoo up to a billion dollars. Things were not looking so great. News this week has warranted an update to Yahoo’s plight, however, as it appears somehow things have gotten even worse with the admission that their breach problems might have begun years ago. A Hidden Problem According to a filing Yahoo made to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Yahoo believes that the attacker who affected at least 500 million accounts first obtained access to their system

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