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Phishing Emails Win Again

For many, it’s a morning ritual. Come to work, grab a cup of coffee and start answering those emails. The sooner you’re caught up, the sooner you can get started on the day. Because of this, you may skim internal emails a little more quickly, only acting on what’s asked of you. After all, these work-related messages are from people you trust— right?

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employee training

Employee Training is the Only Way to Prevent Social Engineering

Social engineering is currently one of the hottest topics within the IT security world – for good reason. The use of this attack method is only increasing, as phishing attempts grew by a whopping 250% between October 2015 and March 2016, and to make matters worse, combatting this threat poses a very unique challenge. While phishing methods can sometimes be blocked by email spam protections and other similar barriers, detection mostly falls on employees who are challenged to figure out what is real or not. This can be much more difficult than it seems – and it’s only getting harder. Take the following into consideration. Emails can appear as though they are sent from official sources – with official graphics, signatures and

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