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Endpoint Essentials

An ever-expanding digital network with increasing connectivity of devices worldwide means a far broader field of vulnerabilities.

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Data breach

Be Careful with Legacy Systems

The popular travel site Orbitz recently announced that a hacker may have stolen the private information of up to 880,000 of their customers over the course of two years. While data breaches at major organizations like this are nothing new (and have become far too common in recent years), the method through which this attack was carried out should give all organizations a moment of pause and lead to some serious internal analysis. What Happened? In a statement released to the press, Orbitz singled out an old “legacy travel booking platform,” as the source of the breach. A legacy platform is a common term for any system or software still employed at an organization despite the fact it is likely

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Video: Interview with HRBoost on Cybersecurity

BAI Security’s President and Chief Technology Officer, Michael Bruck, recently joined Nicole Martin from HRBoost to share how data breaches are of particular interest to the HR world. As we recently discussed, important employee documents – like W2 forms – are a gold mine for attackers. In this video, Michael shares how the threat of cyber attackers and data breaches poses a real risk to organizations in all industries.

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The Biggest Threats of 2016 and Predictions for 2017

This year had its share of headline grabbing cybersecurity news. From Yahoo’s many breaches, to new threats in phishing and social engineering, 2016 wasn’t short on new threats. With the year wrapping up, we wanted to take a minute to recap what we saw as the biggest threats of 2016, what to prepare for in 2017 and what you can do right now to protect yourself. The Biggest Cybersecurity Threat of 2016 By far, the most significant cybersecurity threat of 2016 was ransomware. The Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2016 states that the rate of ransomware attacks against businesses increased this year from one every two minutes in January to one every 40 seconds in September. Kaspersky Lab detected 2,900 ransomware variations

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