This isn’t breaking news, but cybercriminals are after your data, and they’ll do just about anything to get it.

This isn’t breaking news, but cybercriminals are after your data, and they’ll do just about anything to get it.

Personal identifiable information, or PII, is a goldmine for attackers. With this info, they can steal your clients’ identities, hold it for ransom and more.

To obtain this information, we’ve seen cybercriminals:

With such varied attacks, it can’t help but make you wonder — is your organization safe?

Hidden Weak Points

The traditional image of a hacker sitting in a dark room, desperately trying to break into your website’s CRM has needed an update for a while now.

While cybercriminals will definitely still probe to try and find a way in, they’ve gotten much more creative when it comes to infiltrating your organization.

Phishing attacks are common, deluging your employees with official-looking emails that contain corrupted links hiding malware, just waiting to be clicked on and unleashed on your network. Some criminals will dress up as service providers — think a delivery person dropping off a package — and use this as a front to sneak past your reception desk and make their way back into sensitive areas of your organization.

Maybe they find an unoccupied office space and have plenty of time to break into one of your employee’s computers and install a virus. Or they might just drop a USB drive on someone’s desk, hoping they plug it into their computer as a mistake or out of curiosity, and it’s as simple as that — an infected organization.

Their creativity knows no bounds. If you’re not preparing for even the wildest sounding of attack methods, then you’re doing your organization and clients a disservice.

Next-Gen Red Team Assessment

To protect your organization, take advantage of our comprehensive Red Team Assessment. In one virtual assessment process, we’re able to assess every potential current threat against your cybersecurity.

Leave nothing to doubt with results from our comprehensive test of your infrastructure using 14 different attack vectors to mimic all real-world tactics, including:

  • Phone and in-person social engineering attacks — see if your employees are properly trained to prevent a breach!
  • Determine if we can obtain physical access in your building and sensitive information areas
  • Advanced testing including rouge device placement, social media reconnaissance, keycard cloning, cell-phone pen-testing and much more!

Our proven process is here to fortify your systems and keep your information safe, letting you rest easy and focus what you do best — running your business.

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