Sears Holdings Corp. announced in March of this year (2014), it was investigating a possible security breach after a series of cyberattacks on other retailers have exposed the data of millions of consumers.

The security review was still at an early stage as Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)’s digital forensics unit and the U.S. Secret Service sift through the company’s computer data to look for traces of hackers and the extent of any incursion, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Sears, which was already working to reverse 28 straight quarters of declining sales, could be faced with fighting a possible hacking attack with shoppers on edge after a flurry of retail data breaches tarnished the image of merchants including Neiman Marcus Group and hurt sales at Target Corp. Pinpointing the scope of an attack can take weeks because of the stealth techniques used by hackers.

Retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, and many other industries are all finding themselves under the microscope recently as data breaches surge this year. The question on their minds: have we already been hacked and we simply don’t know yet? At BAI Security, we answer that question every day with our Compromise Assessment service.

The BAI Security Compromise Assessment can provide full visibility into your network traffic and into what’s happening on individual computers across your organization. We examine the entire enterprise for anomalous binaries and related application code on all endpoint devices. We then leverage our network forensics technology to expose anomalous behavior ranging from malware in an idle state to malware actively siphoning off sensitive data. In nearly all cases, the malicious code we find was running undetected by traditional signature-based antivirus software.

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