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Whitepaper Download: Protecting Data in the Healthcare Industry

All it takes is one slipup to forever change the public’s outlook on your organization. This is especially true for healthcare providers. Your patients need to trust that your staff can provide them with the care they need and that your IT system won’t put their protected health information (PHI) at risk. There’s nothing like suffering a data breach to potentially lose that trust forever. HIPAA urges you to check for compliance once a year, but that simply isn’t good enough. Cyber-attacks are increasing every year. Data breaches are more prominent than ever. Cybercriminals are only growing bolder — we just recently detailed how one breach took down a major American city — for example. Ask yourself this: Are you

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A False Sense of Security: How Antivirus Can Fail

It’s pretty easy to think of computer viruses and malware as someone else’s problem. You hear about big attacks in the news, about the thousands of people who have had their information stolen and the businesses who have suffered mind-numbing losses in revenue. This isn’t something you have to worry about though, right? You know what a phishing link looks like, you avoid suspicious websites and you don’t open strange emails. Unfortunately, taking all the precautions in the world on your own isn’t enough, especially if you lack proper antivirus and malware protection. The odds of avoiding any form of malicious code is just too high – and those odds are only continuing to increase. The Difference Between Viruses and Malware

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