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The Key to Site Legitimacy

You see them every day, even if you don’t pay them any mind. The little padlock symbol in the corner of your address bar can be found on almost every website you visit.

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Best Practices for Network Security

Cyber-crime is growing at a tremendous rate. It’s become an organized big business opportunity for criminals, and is projected to grow to $600 billion this year, larger than any other form of crime. – Forbes, May 3, 2016 It may seem hard at times to keep pace with the ever-changing and emerging threats posed to your network, and by extension, to your business. The threats are constantly evolving and don’t discriminate based on the size of your business. It’s not a matter of whether your network is at risk; if you have a network, your network – and your business – are at risk. The real question that you need to answer is: are you prepared? So how do you

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