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New Study Reveals the True Effect Data Breaches have on Customer Loyalty

Suffering a breach is scary. The loss of crucial data and records can deal a crippling blow for any organization forced into extended downtime. But the worst part of a breach may not be the attack itself; the repercussions of this attack can have much further reaching effects. We’ve speculated about this effect in the past, but a new study by Carnegie Mellon University (reported on by The Register) confirms our suspicions: suffering a breach can cost you customers. Lack of Information Studies connecting consumer loyalty to breaches or fraud have been hard to come by in recent years, making this study especially noteworthy. Generally, we know that stock prices of organizations – especially financial institutions – take a hit after suffering breaches,

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The Final Tally: Healthcare Breaches in 2016

The healthcare sector was dealt a rough cybersecurity hand in 2016. Department of Health and Human Services’, which tracks all reported breaches in the healthcare field, recorded 310 incidents for the year (affecting a minimum of 500 people in each case). All together, these breaches added up to affect a staggering 16.1 million people. The chart below, pulled from the Department of Health and Human Services, lists the 10 biggest healthcare breaches of 2016. Business State Individuals Affected Submission Date Type of Breach Banner Health AZ   3,620,000   8/3/16   Hacking/IT Incident   Newkirk Products, Inc.   NY   3,466,120   8/9/16   Hacking/IT Incident   21st Century Oncology   FL   2,213,597   3/4/16   Hacking/IT Incident  

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