Communication in the Age of COVID-19

As companies transition to uphold social distancing and protect the health and safety of their employees, it may feel difficult to keep lines of communication open and effective.

As companies transition to uphold social distancing and protect the health and safety of their employees, it may feel difficult to keep lines of communication open and effective. Public health is an ever-evolving condition, and as in all other aspects of cybersecurity, a dynamic situation calls for a dynamic response.

This week, we offer tips to stay in touch and establish strong, resilient connections within and around your organization. Our increasingly digital world offers all manner of ways to communicate even when in isolation, and by building a network to reach out to your employees, clients, and colleagues, you’ll be laying the groundwork to rebound with grace.

A New Normal

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, maintaining stability and continuity are more than achievable when working remotely. But moving online to conduct business isn’t the same as connecting, which may prove to be key in overcoming disruptions caused by COVID-19.

For one, digital collaboration is crucial. Telecommuters, freelancers, and others accustomed to working from home understand the benefits of instant messaging for quick, general communication, as well as file sharing and collaborative editing services for team-based work.

Worth keeping in mind, certainly, are the security pros and cons of these services when looking for compatible online programs. As your organization transitions and interacts with workplace servers from home, protecting your data will be more important than ever.

The shift to digital collaboration, video conferencing, and livestreaming will also prove crucial in bolstering customer engagement while still implementing remote solutions. Organizations can make use of preexisting digital marketplaces, company apps, and their presence on social media to reach out to clients, partners, and other affiliates.

Making use of an online presence will also assist in moving your organization’s commerce capabilities to be remote, including self-servicing for customers through online channels and kiosks. Still, the social benefits of live communication—through instant messaging, video chatting, or otherwise—cannot be understated.

And finally, the widespread dissemination of misinformation and unverified sources on COVID-19 can be a debilitating cause of anxiety for your employees and clients alike. Organizations have the opportunity to create sites, apps, hotlines, or other hotbeds of updated and verified information for their affiliates to consult, which can help alleviate collective worries and provide actionable guidance to employees.

Stay In Touch

In a world currently defined by the strength and breadth of our connection, reaching out to preserve your network and maintain normalcy is more important than ever.

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