We often think of data breaches as these big, climactic events. Something like the bank robberies you might see in big budget movies. One minute, everything is fine. The next, Yahoo or Target’s doors are being kicked down; they’re under attack. Millions of passwords, bank account info and more are made off with in an instant.

Of course, it’s not really like that. There aren’t any getaway cars out front or dramatic fight scenes as the criminals steal information. Cyber-attacks don’t normally set off alarms – it’s in cyber criminals’ best interest to quietly sneak in so they can steal as much information as they can for as long as possible. These are stealth attacks that can linger, sometimes for years.

To combat this, frequent sweeps must be made of your IT security posture. Any holes or lingering malicious code won’t just work themselves out, instead they’ll likely only worsen as time goes on.

BAI Security’s Compromise Assessment service roots out any infections currently hidden in your  IT system. This service identifies stealth/idle malware, zero-day code, rootkits, Trojans, key loggers, and various forms of data capturing programs designed to steal from your business.

Our Compromise Assessment carefully examines anything that appears even remotely suspicious to confirm its validity in your environment. With this service, we can pinpoint any additionally compromised hosts infected with the same malware, determine initial points of infection, and even isolate lingering malicious files and system changes for immediate mitigation.

There are a variety of reasons your organization might want a forensic examination of your systems. Some of these include:

  • You’ve already been breached and want to know if there is any malicious code still lingering in your systems, waiting to strike again
  • You suspect you might have been breached and want verification
  • You want peace of mind and confirmation that your environment is clean
  • You’re considering an acquisition and want an examination of the organization’s network you’re looking to purchase – which could dramatically affect the price you’re willing to pay, as Yahoo is discovering now. Or maybe you just want to make sure the data and applications you may be migrating into your network is safe to bring over.

Whatever the reason you’d like to check your system, it’s important that you follow through and make sure your business is safe. There’s nothing worse than knowing the threat was there the entire time, right underneath your nose. Take the proactive step and force these attackers out while you still can.