Real Estate

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The cyber-physical realities of today’s Real Estate entities present security complexities for all sizes of organizations. Technology reliance from listing to sale, an ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT), sensitive buyer financial data, unknown vendor security practices, and daily funds transfers create a web of vulnerability.

Complicating matters, today’s cybercriminals are keen on targeting consumer financial data and SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses), making Real Estate a top target for ransomware and BEC (business email compromise) attacks. As regulations expand, along with hefty fines for non-compliance, now is the time for Real Estate leaders to get in the driver’s seat of their security posture.

BAI Security brings Real Estate organizations of all sizes deep expertise in the most at-risk, critical industries. With exclusive use of industry-leading tools and cutting-edge methodologies, we exhaustively assess your risk, while providing custom recommendations for your physical and digital environments. This is how we help you ensure regulatory compliance and protection for your tech-dependent operations.

We recommend Real Estate leaders consider these specific services:

Partner with BAI Security to help ensure protection of your real estate operations and data, while preserving the hard-earned trust you’ve built with your community and partners.

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