Your firm’s compliance with IT security regulations and current security best practices is of paramount importance. It can be the difference between successfully avoiding a breach or being on the receiving end of a costly and damaging lawsuit.

In addition to helping you comply with NIST & ABA regulations, BAI Security constantly evolves its cutting-edge security audit methodology with best-of-breed assessment tools to address present-day threats, ensuring your firm keeps its cybersecurity – and client confidence – high.

Our exhaustive, comprehensive audits are designed to address compliance with NIST standards, as well as your state’s ABA regulations. With your IT security systems tried and tested by our team of seasoned experts, you’ll learn how to protect against the attempts of aggressive cybercriminals that would otherwise potentially breach your environment and compromise your firm’s operations and reputation.

We recommend leaders in law firms and other legal entities consider these specific services:

Your firm deserves top-shelf IT security, and your team deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing your clients’ data is secure.

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