Today’s colleges, universities, and larger K-12 districts are complex landscapes for digital engagement, regulatory compliance, private information, and intellectual property.

Multi-site campuses, expanding online delivery, sensitive student and faculty/staff information, research data, healthcare records, and personal device use all require comprehensive and expert security assessments.

BAI Security specializes in offering Education institutions cutting-edge, best-in-class tools and advanced methodologies—to help your IHE or K-12 district stay secure and compliant. Plus, with increasing cyberattacks against educational institutions, audit expertise of BAI’s degree is paramount to maintaining the confidence of your parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

By implementing an exhaustive assessment of institution-wide security risks, we identify internal and external threats, while also providing prioritized recommendations for remediation to quickly elevate your security posture. We can also provide on-demand security insights between annual audits, for year-round protection.

We recommend Education leaders consider these specific services:

Preserve the trust you’ve built with your students, faculty, and community.

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